Lunette Loupe Heine SEULES Distance Travail 34cm Grossis 2.5

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Internal reference : XV145464 LS |
2.5 x Magnification: The increase in magnification over 2 x is greater than the figures suggest. HR 2.5 x loupes offer an excellent balance between high magnification,
field of view, depth of field, and ease of use. The 2.5 x loupes are ideal for a wide range of applications such as dental, ophthalmic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The HR 2.5 x is our most popular model. Ideal for surgery and dental surgical procedures.
Achromatic optics for crisp, bright images with colour-correction. Lightweight (51 g). Water-resistant. Independent adjustment of left and right optics for perfect PD adjustment.
High magnification with a large field of view and ecxellent depth of field – our bestselling loupe. i-View loupe mount provides any angle of view and flips up the optics independently of the optional LED LoupeLight.