Echographe SIUI 800 :R20Sonde Microconv 5 MHz
Référence Interne : XV988503 |
Echographe SIUI 800: carry case
Référence Interne : XV988504 |
90,00 € 90.0 EUR
Echographe SIUI 800: Leather Bag
Référence Interne : XV988507 |
100,00 € 100.0 EUR
Echographe SIUI 800
Référence Interne : XV988500 | Palm-size veterinary ultrasound. Compact design & easy operation. Water proof for outdoor operation. Gravity sensor for layout change. livestock pregnancy detection<br />
Echographe Esaote Tringa Large Animal Echographe with Rectal Probe + Hard Carrying Case
Référence Interne : XV988900 | The unique design allows the system to be worn on the forearm or in a special carrying case around the neck or shoulder, and the external freeze switch adds to the Tringa Linear VET’s ease of use in the field. The days of twisting and turning in an attempt to probe the animal, reach the scanner’s controls and actually see the screen are over.